About Kazu Suwa

Kazu Suwa is a London-based Japanese classical guitarist. His debut CD album ‘Guitar Recital’ received “Semi-Highest Honour” in the Japanese classical music magazine “Record Geijutsu (Art of Records)” in April 2015. This album consists of 22 pieces of Spanish and South American music presented in an enthralling interpretation by Kazu.

Kazu has been described by one of the world's most respected music critics, Mr Jiro Hamada, as “a unique guitarist who knows ‘the world of poetic sentiment’ – a sentiment able to penetrate the hearts of listeners and move them profoundly”.

In reference to his unusual guitar transcriptions and recordings of piano works by Spanish/Catalan composer Frederic Mompou, the Mompou Foundation in Barcelona describes Kazu as ‘gifted with the stylistic versatility that allows him to interpret any type of repertoire successfully’. Mompou is one of the composers highly respected and revered by Kazu and he has included one of his original guitar transcriptions of Mompou’s piano pieces on his debut album.

Kazu studied classical guitar with the renowned classical guitarist Mikio Hoshido at the Nihon University College of Art in Tokyo. After graduation, he moved to Spain where he continued his studies at the Madrid Royal Conservatory as well as attending a number of masterclasses given by well-known maestri.

Kazu has offered recitals in Japan, Spain and the United Kingdom at various locations.