Thank you for visiting! KS Classical Guitar Blog is an online resource that serves the interests of classical guitar enthusiasts.

Established in 2013 by London-based classical guitarist Kazu Suwa, KS Classical Guitar Blog has been offering lots of useful and unique topics ranging from collections of interviews with fine guitar luthiers, composers and performers to essays about music.

A Short history of KS Classical Guitar Blog

Originally, it began in 2012 as a small section within my website "Kazu Suwa | Classical Guitarist" where I started writing essays with the motto “anything about the guitar and music with a slightly different touch”.

Pushing the boundaries has always been the philosophy of my writing. In 2013, I wanted to go even further, by converting this essay section into rather a public source of information that caters to both readers and other fellow music professionals. This is how “KS Classical Guitar Blog” was born as a self-contained classical guitar blog.

The project "Interview with guitar luthiers" was introduced soon after with the idea of building a bridge between guitarists and luthiers. While the “guitar luthiers” project goes on, new contents with composers, guitarists, books and products were introduced.

I hope you find this blog useful.  Please don't hesitate to leave any comment or feedback!

Kazu Suwa