Interview with classical guitarists on their CD releases.

Guitar album Adivinanza de la guitarra

Adivinanza de la guitarra by Kazu Suwa (KSR002 )

I’m very excited to present to you my new guitar album “Adivinanza de la guitarra” which will be released on 23rd March 2018. The album includes three Renaissance vihuela works by Luis de Milán and Enríquez de Valderrábano, a classical work by Fernando Sor, a guitar transcription of Edvard Grieg’s romantic piano piece, two avant-garde works by Manuel de Falla and Reginald Smith Brindle and, finally, nine Andalusian folkloric/flamenco-style works by Ángel Barrios. This extensive selection of works symbolises my personal interpretation of the great Spanish poet Federico García Lorca’s poem ‘Adivinanza de la guitarra (Riddle of the guitar)’ as a way to explore and celebrate the innermost beauty of the guitar.


Interview with Giovanni Piacentini (USA): Album "CHIAROSCURO"

Giovanni Piacentini: Album "CHIAROSCURO"

Today's guest is Giovanni Piacentini from USA.

Guitarist and composer Giovanni will tell us about his debut album ‘CHIAROSCURO’, which consists of three works: ‘CHIAROSCURO Suite in five movements for solo Classical Guitar’,  ‘CHASING SHADOWS for Violin and Chamber Ensemble’ and ‘MINIATURES for Chamber Ensemble (Based on paintings by Odilon Redon)’.