Classical Guitar Lessons in London

Playing the classical guitar is one of the most rewarding and exciting life-long experiences. Nonetheless, the more you become advanced as a guitarist the more specific advice you will need to keep progressing.

If you are looking for classical guitar lessons in London, one-to-one lessons with Kazu will help you achieve your goal.

Tuition will help you:

  • overcome both technical and artistic obstacles without going through overwhelming and time consuming process.
  • understand better the logic of the fingerings (both right and left hand) to improve your control of the guitar.
  • improve your tone quality.
  • improve your analytical skills to interpret and express music better.
  • broaden your knowledge of works you play. The more sources of inspiration, the higher chances of better performances.
  • boost your confidence and love for music.

All above is achieved in relaxing settings.

If you are interested, please contact Kazu.