Informal essays about anything related to classical guitar and music by Kazu Suwa. Some essays include an audio or video sample.


Manuel de Falla: Homenaje pour Le Tombeau de Claude Debussy - Generation of ’27 – Part 6

This essay is about Falla’s only guitar work, Homenaje pour Le Tombeau de Claude Debussy, his important involvement… more

Note Values, Tactus and Mensural Notation: Tempi Part 1

Identifying exactly how fast or slow the tempi instruction such as Allegro, Moderato, Andante, Adagio, Largo signify is… more

Agustín Barrios Mangoré: Aire de Zamba

Aire de Zamba (Air of Zamba) by Agustín Barrios Mangoré is entirely inspired by folkloric influences. The zamba is a… more

Francisco Tárrega: Prelude in E Major (Una Lágrima)

Legend has it that "Una Lágrima (A Teardrop)" is Tarrega’s reaction to the death of his daughter “Conchita”. Returning… more

Francisco Tárrega: ¡Adelita! (Mazurka)

Legend has it that the piece Adelita owes its name to Adela Aymerich, the allegedly illegitimate daughter of the King… more

Francisco Tárrega: Prelude No.2 in A minor

Prelude No.2 was composed on 16 March 1896 in Barcelona and dedicated to Miguel Llobet. Often preludes were conceived… more