Bespoke Classical Guitar Lessons

Bespoke Classical Guitar Lessons with Kazu Suwa

Kazu believes in effective, detailed, and inspirational high-quality classical guitar lessons. He invites aspiring guitarists to choose from three possibilities: In-person, Real-time Online Video, and Multimedia Platform Lessons.


London, United Kingdom
  • Traditional One-on-One Lessons
  • Lessons take place in London, UK
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Online Real-time Video

  • Real-time video lessons via Skype or Zoom
  • Effective lessons in the comfort of your own home
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Multimedia Platform

  • Unique and Interactive
  • Exclusively tailored to you
  • Very effective and comfortable
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Why study with me?

Kazu Suwa

Individual approach

Everybody is different. That's why I believe each solution to a problem should be optimized to an individual. Also, I am very experienced in spotting students' forte and enhance it.

Inspirational Lessons

I am a very passionate and supportive educator. I am confident of not only taking your guitar performance to the next level but also assisting you with your musical journey to make it even more meaningful and long-lasting.

Holistic approach

The best way of mastering the classical guitar is to develop a combination of different skills holistically. I will guide you through all the important aspects of playing the guitar, from techniques to theory, analysis and interpretation, in a very comfortable way that you won't even notice that you are learning so many things! And believe me, this is very fun and rewarding.

Expert advice

With over 20 years' experience teaching from beginners to advanced students, I can immediately spot the causes of the problems you may encounter and break them down for you so you can easily overcome them.

There are so many tricks and logic that instantly elevate the quality of classical guitar performance. I will share all my skills and knowledge with you to save your time and effort.

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