Multimedia Platform

Classical Guitar Lessons Multimedia Platform

A unique custom-tailored interactive multimedia platform that helps you improve your guitar playing effectively and comfortably.

Distinctive advantages of the platform

Exclusively Made for You

Every single lesson with multimedia materials (videos, images, written instruction) is exclusively prepared and made for you. This platform is all about quality and details! It is one of the most distinctive advantages over mass-orientated online music learning platforms that offer generic tutorials.


You can ask me questions on the private lesson page at any time and be provided with help without having to wait for the next lesson. Asking and solving questions is one of the key elements to progress. You can also post videos and images (e.g., sheet music) to describe your questions or problems.

Effective and useful

Topics discussed during real-time video lessons will be summarized and updated on your "My Lessons" page, followed by corresponding supplementary multimedia tutorials. You can go over all the lesson contents and following-up tutorial material at any time. In this way, you will no longer have to worry about forgetting or missing guidance. Lesson details, including questions and answers, are sorted by dates so that you can see your progress and achievement.

Flexible and comfortable

Distance, time difference, or busy schedule are no longer a barrier to access high-quality classical guitar lessons!

Eligibility for the Multimedia Platform

To join this multimedia platform, you should start with real-time video lessons first.

If you are interested, please contact Kazu using the contact form below.

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